How to Use

How to use the DrinksBag

How to use the Disposable Refreshment Bag

Step 1:

Remove the nozzle. Twist and pull.

How to use the DrinksBag Step 1

Step 2:

Use a funnel to fill the Disposable Refreshment Bag with your chosen non-carbonated refreshment. We recommend filling up to 80% full.

Step 3:

Once filled, put the nozzle back on. Push the nozzle down to the first ring on the nozzle, and then push down again to the last ring on the nozzle to seal the bag. Push down again to ensure the seal. There should be a quarter of an inch gap between the nozzle and the bag. The nozzle does not fit flush to the bag.

How to use the DrinksBag Step 3

Step 4:

Hold the bag upside down to check for any leakage

How to use the DrinksBag Step 4

Step 5:

Lift the bottom of the red flap on the nozzle. Follow the perforation and remove.

How to use the DrinksBag Step 5

To use: pull both red tabs/ wings either side of the nozzle up and pour.

Enjoy your refreshment !!

Please visit our FAQ section for more information on the DrinksBag and Disposable Refreshment Bag.