Frequently Asked Questions

How do i convert prices to Euros or Dollars?

We use Google currency converter for up to date currency conversions. It is really easy to use. Either type ‘Google currency converter’ in to your search engine or click this link.

Is there a bladder inside the DrinksBag?

The DrinksBag has no internal bladder with in the DrinksBag.

What can you use in the DrinksBag?

The DrinksBag works well with any Box wine bag or any pouch or bag with a nozzle dispenser up to 4lts. There are a lot of these products in the market place. Customize your refreshment with our 3lt Disposable Refreshment bags with a nozzle dispenser.

How much volume does the DrinksBag hold?

Drinksbag can hold up to 4lts. This is  including any other items in the DrinksBag.

What material is the DrinksBag made from?


What is the inside made of?

The lining is a cool bag lining to keep your refreshment at the right temperature for longer. Up to 4 hours. Best results are if the refreshment is straight from the fridge.

Can you put an ice pack in?

Yes you can put an ice pack in the DrinksBag. There is plenty of room inside the DrinksBag for this.

How do you clean the DrinksBag?

Inside and outside is fully wipe-able with a damp cloth.

How much room in the DrinksBag?

There is plenty of room for glasses, snacks and dips for example. There is a divider for glasses. The divider has a Velcro attachment so it can be removed to personalise your bag for more room. With the depth of the DrinksBag you can put things over the wine bags or pouches.

Is there some where to put personal belongings?

Yes there is. The zip on the outside of the bag is big enough for all your personal belongings.

Where is the DrinksBag made?

Drinksbag is manufactured in China.

How to use the Disposable Refreshment Bag?

The Disposable Refreshment Bag is easy to use. Click here to see how to use.

Why is the nozzle on the Disposable Refreshment Bag?

The nozzle is on the bag to keep the refreshment  bag  factory sterilized. Do not remove until intended use.

How much fluid does the Disposable Refreshment Bag hold?

The Disposable Refreshment Bag holds 3 liters of non-carbonated fluid.

Which drinks does the Disposable Refreshment Bag hold?

The Disposable Refreshment Bag holds all non- carbonated drinks. Juices, Water, Squashes. Ideal for a family day out.

Wine (red, white, rose), Ale, Non-carbonated Cider, Cocktails, Spirits up to 40% volume. Make and customise your own Cocktails and Mocktails for a fun day out with friends.

Can you put the Disposable Refreshment Bag in the fridge?

Yes, you can store new and used Disposable Refreshment Bag in the fridge to keep drinks chilled and fresh for longer.

How long can refreshments stay fresh for inside the Disposable Refreshment Bag?

Drinks can stay fresh for up to 3/4 days. We recommend that you store your used Disposable Refreshment Bag in the fridge to keep drinks fresh.

Is the Disposable Refreshment Bag BPA free?

Yes, the Disposable Refreshment Bag is BPA free. Also in COMPLIANCE WITH FDA and EU regulations.

Where is the company based?

We are a UK based company.

Will you answer my email or telephone call?

Yes….we aim to answer all emails and return all calls within a 24 hours during the UK working week. Except public/ bank holidays. Weekend emails and calls will be answered from Monday.